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Piles, also known as haemorrhoids, are when the veins located in the lower rectum and the anal canal become swollen and dilated. These dilated veins (varicose veins) become convoluted beneath the tissue layers and appear similar to a ball of hair covered by a cloth. Such a protrusion is known as a pile mass.

What are the causes?

Additionally, Ayurveda designates the occurrence of piles due to habitual consumption of constipating foods such as potatoes, cabbage, channa (chick peas), split peas, spicy foods and excessively dry foods. Similarly suppression of the urge to pass flatulence and stools can lead to chronic constipation and eventually haemorrhoids. Constant use of hard seats and continuous pressure exerted on the anal sphincter may also cause piles to develop.

What are the symptoms?

Pain and pressure inside the anal canal Small, round lump either on the anus or inside the anal canal Itching and soreness around the anus Blood stained stools or bleeding during passing stools In certain conditions, a pile mass may come out while passing stools and then retract back into the anal canal

What are the types of haemorrhoids?

Internal: The pile mass lies inside the rectum. It usually causes discomfort during passing stools and can bleed if the stools are too hard or if more pressure is exerted. External: The pile mass is located under the skin on the outside of the anus.This type of piles can be irritating and painful and may often bleed if disturbed. Harshit acharya arogya kendra cure piles with ayurvedic treatment in Ahmedabad. This is the ayurvedic center where you can get unique experience of the piles ayurvedic treatment in Ahmedabad.

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