Laparoscopic Surgeon in Sabarmati

M.S.(Surgery): 1981 – 1984 (3 Years Housemanship) 1985 (1 Year Senior Registrarship)

  • January 1982 to December 1982: worked as houseman in surgical unit–2. Performed various ward procedures and minor operations and assisted major operations as well as administrative work as a Senior Resident Doctor.
  • January 1983 to March 1983: worked in M.P.Shah Cancer Hospital under senior, renowned cancer surgeons. Obtained first hand experience in dealing with various types of cancers. Performed cancer surgery independently during this period.
  • April 1983 to June 1983: worked in Urosurgical Department achieving excellent experience in various urosurgical operations of Stone and Prostate .
  • July 1983 to September 1983: worked in Gastroenterosurgical Department to work on various diseases of the Intestine,Colon,Abdomen,Liver and Gall Bladder.
  • October 1983 to December 1983: worked in Paediatric Surgery Department. Developed expertise in operations of Paediatric patients specializing in Undescended Testis and Hernia.
  • January 1984 to December 1984: worked as registrar in surgical unit. Got experience in doing major surgery related to Burns and Head Injury. Taught various operations to junior housemen.
  • January 1985 to August 1986: in my capacity as senior registrar, managed entire surgical unit under me, including important decisions and performing major operations independently.
  • August 1986 to August 1987: managed whole hospital and performed numerous major surgeries in District set up under difficult situations such absence of sufficient staff, medicines and infrastructure facilities
  • August 1987 onwards: practicing as a consultant surgeon with my own private 16 bed hospital. Performing major and complicated surgeries with very good results and to the utmost satisfaction of patients.
  • Attended major state and national surgical conferences.

Experience as Laparoscopic Gastroenterologist

  • Participated at International and National level conferences on Laparoscopic Surgery.
  • Performing Laparoscopic surgery since 1995 for diagnostic, Gastroenterological and various surgical procedures like Cholecystectomy, Ectopic Pregnancy, Appendicectomy, Ovarian Cyst hiatus hernia,Inguinal hernia,Ventral hernia by laproscopy ovarian cyst.
  • Approximately 5000 Endoscopic surgeries done till date, besides other major surgeries such as, about 1500 Cholecystectomy done by laparoscopy.
  • Qualified as FIAGES in 2007 in the first batch in India.
  • Qualified as FLAS in 2012 in the first batch in India.